Predefinição:Lista minimizável

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No StrategyWiki, esta predefinição cria uma lista recolhível com espaço para até 50 itens.



These range from 1–50 and don't require a parameter name. For instance {{lista minimizável|one|two|three}} will result in:

Named parameters

These parameters are all technically optional, but it is suggested that you at least give the title parameter.

  • title: The title of the list. Default is "List".
  • expand: Putting something here will make the list expanded on page load. Default is collapsed.
  • framestyle: CSS styling for the entire list container. Default is "border:none; padding:0;".
  • titlestyle: CSS styling for the title element. Default is "background:transparent;font-size:12px".
  • liststyle: CSS styling for the list itself. Default is "text-align:left;".


Standalone template
{{lista minimizável
|title=Example list
|framestyle=padding:3px;border:1px solid black;